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“The Experience”


Who or what is Kate Wu? Am I Sexy? Yes. Am I sophisticated? Yes. Do I like LV and Honey Burdette?  Most definitely! But these questions just touch the surface… they are the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the real problem is that we are asking the wrong question.

So let me rephrase it a little:

Who is Kate Wu to you?

The answer is that I am your most desirable sexual encounter. I am not a “one trick pony” and I can switch my persona now, tomorrow, yesterday, or next Christmas. Its totally within my control!

So what does that mean for you? It means you get the perfect experience – everything you desire and more. I can please you however you want and in this sense I am highly submissive. However, my domineering persona can unleash at any time you desire.

As I said – I can play whatever role I am cast in today.

Please, send me a text or call me today and tell me about the “Kate Wu Experience” that you dream about. Need some inspiration? Just look at my photo gallery! Need some more? Here are some of my all time favourites:

  1. Naughty Secretary spilt coffee on her bosses pants;
  2. Kate Wu student fails her University Exam – what can she do?;
  3. Mistress Kate will allow you to satisfy your foot fetish;
  4. Daddy-Daughter incest play “fuck me daddy”; and
  5. Romantic dinner date.

I love role play and I love being your ultimate fantasy. Please me by letting me please you. 

Kate Wu XoXo

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